Numbering Head


Numbering Head

[H type]
Hand changing type

[H type]Hand changing type

- Built-in manual character selection system

- Any random characters can be set

- Suitable for marking lot-numbers, date of manufacture, etc.

[A type]
Automatic changing type

[A type]Automatic changing type

- Built-in feed system for digits

- Suitable for marking serial numbers

[N type]
Hand and Automatic changing type

[N type]Hand and Automatic changing type

- Combination of Hand [H] and Automatic [A] changing types

- Suitable for marking lot-numbers and serial numbers

[PI type]
Parallel Insertion type

[PI type]Parallel Insertion type

- Character stamps are inserted individually

- Suitable for marking lot-number, model, date of manufacture, etc.

[HS type]
Hot stamping type

[HS type]Hot stamping type

- Built-in heater and thermostat

- Suitable for marking on resin molded item, etc.

[K type]
Hand-knocking type

[K type]Hand-knocking type

- Not required press machines

- Hit by a hammer and mark multiple digits at once