Since inauguration of our business, the marking devices of YAMADA MACHINE TOOL have been widely accepted by the overseas customers as well as domestically.

As a rare specialized manufacturer of industrial marking devices in Japan, we have been continuing Technological development to engage in manufacture to sales of the world top-level marking devices.

Our marking devices have left deep, reliable stamps on your products and will continue in the future.

Origin of Company logo


Along with inauguration of the manufacturing department and establishment of the manufacturing and sales systems, our logo was designed by crossing two "Y"s, the initial of our corporate name, so that the manufacturing and sales departments can work together to meet our customers' needs, and hoping that we will make a big leap forward in different fields toward the 21 century.

Company History

since 1947

Established "YAMADA SHOTEN" by the first president Toratoshi YAMADA in 1947 in Tokyo, and has started from small business.

Started sales of numbering heads in 1951, production of automatic machines in 1960, and various stamping machines, also changed the corporate name to "YAMADA MACHINE TOOL CO.,LTD." in 1968.

In 1979, exported our stamping machine for the first time and started to trade not only domestically but also overseas. Delivered the first special machine to a car engine production line in 1997.

The second head, Masahide YAMADA took the position of president of the company in 2006.

To be friendly to the environment, acquisition of ISO 14000 certification for the head office and Yono factory in 2007.

Now we have offices in Fukushima and Osaka for covering all areas of Japan, also established "YAMADA MACHINE TOOL (Thailand) CO.,LTD."(YMTT) in Chonburi, Thailand in 2008, bases in Japan, cooperate with YMTT for covering all over the world.